My “digital footprint” is something that I am proud of – over 1 million people have seen it, anyway. You may be wondering, “what?” Good question. I run an Youtube account, and as of March 31, 2014 at 8:20pm PST, exactly 1,126,110 people have seen my videos.

When I Google myself, my videos come up, along with articles written about my latest documentary, “Data Obsession: A Look Inside Government Surveillance



5 of my favorite web tools:

1. Prezi – interactive presentations. My account is set up as an student account, so it’s free, and as long as you have a valid school email adress, there are no age limits.

2. Google Docs – collaborative word processor. 13 years or older in the U.S. to have a Google account, but mine is linked with my school, so I did not create it.

3. EasyBib – an automatic citation website. No account needed, so no age requirements.

4. JupiterGrades – site to view homework, grades, files, etc. Obviously for school, so I did not create the account. No age requirements.

5. Wikipedia – free, digital encyclopedia. I know many educators criticize this website, discounting its credibility with the fact that anyone can view, but I say that its a great source for a quick question or a starting point for research. 

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